Revolutionizing Women’s Health: The Power of Pelvic Floor Therapy

Transforming Lives Through Education, Breathing Techniques, and Targeted Exercises

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Women

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The Key benefits to pelvic floor therapy

What is Pelvic floor physiotherapy? Pelvic floor therapy is a helpful form of treatment that involves the muscles inside our pelvis, we all have a pelvic floor! If these muscles aren’t working their best, you may experience… bladder leaks, constipation, painful sexual intercourse, rushing to the bathroom, leaking during activity, pressure or heaviness in your vagina/ rectum. This form of treatment can be helpful for women who are having painful periods, painful bowel movements and pain with insertion of tampons/ menstrual cups. Women who are returning to activity after birth can benefit from guided, specific treatment to help slowly get into exercise again. Pelvic floor therapy is a mix of education, breathing, coordinating relaxing and contracting these muscles, it may also involve exercise progressions.

Overtime, society has normalized that “leaking is just part of being a woman”. Reality is, normal bladder function is an important quality of life!

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